Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Make a Buck And The government Takes your Buck

Dude tonight was so awesome it sucked! Cold again. Man this is a tough winter. Got the photo radar man and he took a picture of my ass. Hey that's just a part of being a taxi driver in our great province of Alberta. I met Alberta once, she was ugly and fat but I fell deeply in love with her. Hey, do any of you guys know the triple X on Stony Plain Rd and 152st, you know the XXX, tonight I found out what really goes on there, I though it was just porno. No, no my friends, Al a fare told me that you can have sex with a hooker in your own private booth. The booth consists of a leather chair and a TV playing a porno of your choice, you can't rewind it though only the fast forward button works. I guess when the clips over you gotta leave or else. If you're not into women then on the other side of this porno palace is the mens section, with everything you would ever want for dirty erotic homosexual sex, yes I mean they got glory holes. Al told me as soon as he'd seen a mans fingers come out of there he threw the 5$ worth of tokens he had bought on the floor and left, only to come back to pay ten more dollars to sleep with a street walker in the gentleman's booth. Al also told me that his girlfriend is an escort 350$ for a half hour. If you pay her is she really your girlfriend Al? I also drove a hooker who was trapped outside in the cold, she told me "I can do drywall." What the fuck does that mean? Ooo I picked the girl up who said she was sobering up, totally true, she's been boozing it up, but hey no rock. Congrats.
Hey its Wednesday here is something from the WednesdayNightHeros
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