Friday, January 9, 2009

Goal!........Now that's Art...cuming.....right God?

Is a pick up artist a swinger? I don't know. I drove this couple to THe Mall tonight, they were pick up artist. The dude told me"there are 12 steps to picking up a women." I forgot everything he said. He had a hot chick with him. She was a pick up artist too. They told me they had an open relationship. What the fuck is an Open relationship? From Driving the taxi, I think it's chemistry, but there is a cook. You never know if he's fixing up something you really wanna eat . I think the last step in THe PickUp Process was Sex. Score!
The night was cold, again. Painful. I called the Bear, they played me Nirvana. I couldnt find anyone to drive, I listened to the song alone in my car. "Lithium." This city is getting smaller and smaller by the minute. I drove these girls from Montreal. "Take the Long way home" by super tramp was on. They got in and said with Quebecois accents "the Marriott downtown." I turned up the super tramp. The chick in the front seat turned it down. I love Montreal, I tried talking to them in French, my french is rough, but its there. I understand it. It was a boring ride. Sometimes I think I suck, but then I realize it's the people.
I drove the unofficial manager to the WednesdayNightHeros, dude always a hoot. Man The city is getting smaller. It's not growing anymore. The Boom is dieing. Gas is cheap, and I drive a Mazda God knows I want a Jeep. Edmonton isn't as bad as I make it out to be sometimes. It's a big city.
When it's this cool and this slow you have to hunt. No standing around. I move in the cold, the car's warm, in fact I keep it hot. I found a few fares and got a personal. The personal is an English teacher/student/server at the UofA. Eloquent, and spot on. I think she has even traveled. She told me she read the blog, told me it's entertaining, she told me it has run on sentences, grammar and punctuation problem. SHe said "I'll edit it." She was drunk. So if some anonymous person tries to tweak the blog, bring it on.
I'm a pick up artist, I'm one of the best. I pick everyone up and take them the long way home/the only way home. That's why I pick people up, to meet them, take them somewhere, get paid. The Taxi driver is a true Pick up Artist, this ain't no swingers club. You really have to Score! then its beautiful. It is truly an open relationship, its Art. I'm a Professional.


NYC taxi photo said...

oh man I am so bad at relationships its not all too funny. so my luck with picking people up the taxi way, i'd have to attribute that to ol' yellow.

taxitalk said...

It's all taxi, you're right, the taxi is is key.

Meika said...

I love that your blog has spelling errors and run on sentences, don't change it. And a lot of the time I find myself wondering if certain words or sentences have double meanings. Its all a mystery!

taxitalk said...

Meika that was a touching comment thank you, and yes you're right. A mystery aaa I feel so....good. Thank you!

Romance Alta., said...

I agree with Meika. While reading your prose, I feel as though I'm really hearing your voice. It's sincere and reads like an Irvine Welsh novel. Usually I'm a stickler for good grammar syntax and the like, but talented and merited story telling like yours far outweighs any technical oversights.

Ten Twelve!