Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Father+Brother=BUMs, Trash, I got fucking Robed

So I missed a phone call in the middle of the night. It was a personal fare. I've written about her. Gang girl. She called tonight and I didn't answer. I tried calling the number back but it came from a pay phone. There was no reaching her. SHe left me a message it went like this "Hey Jacob it's ..... aaa I needed you tonight but you're not around........hey guess what I've been sober and clean for three weeks and I got drunk tonight but I didn't get high and that's what's important.....yeah nice message hahahaha bye." I've worried about this girl, now more then ever. I hope she stays clean until I see her next. Drugs hurt. That message almost brought a tear to my eye. I also had these two girls with this kid, they were a personal to West ed. Ladies I love ya, call me back and I'll make sure you get home, but next time leave the dushes in the mall. That one guy he was cool, and American soccer girl hope you fix that phone, Thank you though, you helped feed a small child. What else...........? New Year is almost here and with it comes the Alberta Clipper, so stay safe you animals.

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Meika said...

Its tough but I've learned you can't help ppl that don't want to be saved. So at my job when they're getting their cheque and telling me theyre going to go score crack, all I can do it smile and say well have fun and stay safe. Its a sad world out there. But at least she only hit the bottle. Have fun driving the streets tonight! Its nasty out there.