Friday, March 21, 2008

Sweet feet something you just can't beat

Thursday is the start of the Easter long weekend. My night was going well at first. I was making the mad money when I was suppose to go to the airport to pick up my own mother. Well it was super busy so I called in a favor from the family and they sent my extremely pregnant cousin for the ride. So who can I write about, there was the chick that is on her way to becoming a RCMP officer she told me that the police chief actually became the chief because some one owed him a favor, and that the man that was meant to be chief would actually be doing something about the crime. Go figure the chief got luck won a bet and started to watch a city burn cause he really knows nothing about taking care of his job, not surprising. It was a personal client kind of night. My first clients were sweet St. Albert women that were lucky to get me cause they looked good the first time I ever picked them up, they wore these sexy high heels and I appreciate a women that can wear a mean set of heals and actually walk in them. So they got picked up and they paid like only classy chicks know how to pay, thanx. Then there was the teacher women, I've never been able to pick her up, tonight I tried but she ditched me. Getting ditched almost never happens so it hurt a bit, but I survived. Then I got a personal call that I know very well, I've been driving her for a long time she has always been consistent but tonight she did not show up, which is shitty but not like her. I should know she has called me at least 50 times in the last year. I tried to call her back but she wouldn't answer her phone. I'm scarred something happened to her. Call me please I'm still worried, she has even left comments on the blog before so she might read this and get my message. Then there was another old fare, it's her birthday today, the big one nine. She is young. Her older cousin sat in my lap trying to get a cheap fare to Sherwood park but that was a no go. I drove the birthday girl home alone and for free. Happy birthday. Some dude also snorted so much coke in the back that what he left behind was enough to kill a bull dog, but he seemed fine, he must have had a hard core tolerance, coke kids always tip me pretty well and all I want from them is to sober up and have fun naturally, but they never do

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noelia ~ said...

"extremely pregnant cousin"

hahaha i always find that expression super funny