Saturday, March 15, 2008

Like I don't know, the Yukon

Holly shit this was a doozie. The storm came and went and then came back. Snow, snow, snow and then some more fucking snow. Mat sorry no Beaumont tonight. Love to all my personals. Now lets get down to business, my fares. There was little that I can tell you that was interesting other then the fact that it snowed about a half a foot of snow in a matter of a few hours. Most of those hours where pivotal moments for money making, but that's life. Mother nature sure knows how to stick a dick in the ass of the taxi driver. That's o.k as long as no else tries to I'm fine. Back in the day some native man asked if he could hold my penis, but I think I already told you that one. Tonight was not the best for a decent story, the only thing that sticks out in my mind was the voices. People get in a Cab and talk. Some speak eloquently and some don't. Some tell the truth and some lie. Others talk down while others speak up. You can tell a lot about a person by the sound of their voice, by the way they insinuate things. Tonight I had a 17 year old in the back seat with a young gentlemen 18. She was under age but she had gotten a hold of half a Margarita, so in her mind she was allowed to behave drunk. She wanted attention, and the only way she could do it was by talking like she was like needing to like stripe or something like that. She couldn't hold a conversation with a brick wall but she would fuck it for attention. I tried to tell her that her behavior was unacceptable without actually telling her that she sounds like a 17 year old that's on her way to being some rig pigs crack whore, but her mind though young was to feeble to grasp my approach. The boy did, he knew the girl was headed for trouble but he was 18 and like all 18 year olds sex is a necessity. Dude I hope you got laid, but that girl is bad news. Later I got another girl with the same attitude in her voice, condescending. She was like aaaaaa I don't know like aaaaaaaa you know like aaaammmmm except she was like twenty five and almost a nurse. She wanted the same type of attention except she was almost 25. I told her that she sounded like a teenager, that pissed her off (it was suppose to, but she didn't understand) Girls with good looks often don't fully develop mentally they kind of stop at 17. That's when they can get whatever they want, as long as they bend over or smile like a donut, so sometimes I like to point that out to them. Now I don't know if any of the ladies that I talked shit about will read this post but if they do please leave a comment explain yourselves. Or change your ways. Honestly adulthood is so fucking hard, I wish I didn't know the right way, then I might be able to except all the shit that happens in this modern civilized rich world. Ladies (only the dumb bimbos, they know who they are) your children are going to one day rule the world, teach them how to make life beautiful not how to suck dick for coke. I'm an asshole but I'm right, cause some women are having kids and those kids are brought up by empty people. Who cares, I did my job, I did my best so to you good folks out there stay safe and have fun. If you know you know.

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RRN said...


Your closing line was the shit. Loved it.

In fact...I loved this entire post and thank you for writing it... Not that many people have the balls to say what you have here...Though , I wish they did.

...It is quite nice to know....

you know.