Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Hello this is Constable............."

I wake up to my girlfriend telling me "the cops just called asking if you're safe" I asked "why?" My girlfriend said "They have reports that two aboriginal women are driving around in your taxi." The funny thing is this is the second time I've gotten that phone call in a year. The crappy thing is I filled the car with the expensive gas, they were out of regular and I was excited to drive around with some high octane.


Paradise Driver said...

Your cab was stolen?

Misko Dub said...

Your blog is excellent, you could turn it into a book one day. Oh and a lotus with a canon is one of the best ideas I was introduced to.

bRaT said...

erm... hang on.. what exactly happened to your cab? it got stolen twice?

it's not your cab is it? the company owns it right?

dude.. confusing.. two aboriginal women driving around in your cab :)

Kyri Kyprianou said...

hi, just passed by to say thanks for the comment. Your blog is cool too, what a great idea..the insight into a cabbies life! Must be interesting.

All the best,


Pedran said...

Hi thanks for your comment..
See you soon!

kelseXy said...

aw omg that totally sucks
Haha free cabs is a good trade for that!
We could use some more New City rides.
But I feel wrong about not paying.
Especially for a friend.
I hope you get your ride back safe,
Stony Plain Rd is some serious fucking bullshit,
I lived there for a bit and it was craaaazy.
But hey at least you don't park it in my neighbourhood.
Maybe I'll call you up this Friday and you can take it for a while and decide if you want it.
Ask her if she likes it maybe.
Don't know if I can afford the bar this week haha I guess that depends if the man wants to go.
Anyhow I'm glad it was the car that got ransacked and not you.
Still, get it back, if that's the only ride I ever get from you I'll be choked. It was a good one.

jeff said...

So the one time you get to drive with good gas, someone else takes the cab to burn it all, haha, the irony.

kelseXy said...

I love cemeteries.
I hope you get your car back!

Cass said...

That sucks.

rina said...

ROFL! it could have been me ;)

woot woot

Tich said...

This is one wicked interesting blog. I know Edmonton can be a shit-hole because I live there, but I don't get to see the same side of it as you do. The worst I ever see are the homeless guys begging for my change on Whyte Ave.

I'll be back for more of your stories for sure.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog dude, keep the posting up!


Hi there!

Thanks for the comment.

All the best , Ana