Friday, March 14, 2008

If your boy can't drive you home sober, ditch his ass

Tonight was the night before the storm. I hope there is no storm tomorrow. Not much to tell you guys about, there was a couple of personals. My old lady is in Van this week so I'm home alone, I went to work early. I thought I was going to make a killing, but I was very wrong. 350 some km and I made some crappy number closer to 200 then 300 but at least no kick in the head right? Wrong, I'm sick for the first time since I started driving taxi. My face is full of snot. I hate it. I realized that I have snot all over my jacket, it must have landed there after one of the many sneezes. I am so embarrassed because even though there wasn't very many people in my taxi they all must have seen the glimmer of bugger all over my collar area, no one said a word, and no one tipped worth a damn. They had good reason I guess. "AAAaaaa chuuuuu" fuck I'm done there is snot on the keyboard, please come back tomorrow I might have a decent story for you.


Pedran said...

Hi Taxi thank´s for your comment in my site..I can´t understand some words of your blog histories becouse my english is so bad..jeje.but I´ll try it..


kelseXy said...

Aw I hope you feel better!
I'm going to New City tomorrow but I think the man wanted to drive.
I miss the sweet service.
And why have I heard no details yet?

kelseXy said...

Also, whats up with the Content Warning?

taxitalk said...

my blog is filthy, This world is gross, any under age kid that I drive and give my blog address too is gonna tell his parents I'm a creep hence the Warning, I kind of like it

Anonymous said...

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