Saturday, March 8, 2008

If the line up to the bar is too long go somewhere else

Tonight was so nice, one of my new regulars did something for me that I'll never understand. I drove her to New City, she gave me the best tip I've ever gotten, so thank you. The night was slow, no rotten apples (thank God) but other then the Big tip I made jack shit, but that's o.k. 2-300$ is better then a kick in the face. That's what my old lady likes to tell me when I complain about money, and she's right I don't want a kick in the noggin. Lots of personal fares, some new some old. One of the newer ones is this 19 year old girl. She likes to party but just drinks booze no drugs. Well she called me late or early in the morning, she sounded distressed so I hurried to pick her up. She had gone on a date with a Newphy, actually I drove the couple to the strip club. Well she called me later and sounded upset so I picked her up. She tells me that they were having a great time until he wanted to go back to his place, he dragged her back. She though maybe it's going to go, pizza and a movie. No that wasn't the case, the dude was hurting for sex and he tried to force her into it. When she got in my car she told me that she was lucky that he even let her go. I am now starting to understand the concept behind date rape and how women feel guilty over such incidences, but I will never understand how a human male is capable of it. A man who forces himself into a women is not a man he's some sort of primate, a monkey that knows how to talk. Women should have a radar for that kind of bastard. There is signs I bet but I can't see them since I am never exposed to rapists who will admit that they rape. That's the strange part of my job sometimes people tell me shit about their life that no one knows, but even though I've had girls tell me they've been assaulted, I've never had a man come into the taxi and tell me he just raped somebody. I know that I've driven someone like that way to many times, but I never heard a word. Sometimes I'll drive a group of men that just had sex with a girl, and it sounds like they took advantage of her but because their in a group they don't see it the way I do. Drunk assholes are some of the worst people they follow each others leads like sheep. That is one of the most nauseating things that I see, the following of bad behavior even though you know better. I guess we can't all think for ourselves, because so many humans are just cattle. Mooo.

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kelseXy said...

You couldn't pay me to go somewhere else!
Excellent ride last night, timing was perfect.
I need you next Saturday, most likely.
Met some of my old highschool friends and they want to go again next week. Of course. When people do New City with me they never stop.
When you're in school you should come have a drink with us some time.
I hope things go well, I want details.
Talk to you later this week!