Friday, March 28, 2008

Floating on my own boat

The one thing that can really get to any cabdriver is the back and neck pain. Fuck! I feel like I'm at least 50 my neck is so twisted, my head hurts. There is more, my first fare was a gang member of some sort he told me the name but I chose not to hear it. He straight out told me he sells hard. Hard is not soft, to those of you who have no clue, Hard is Crack and Soft ....... is coke. I guess it also causes softness. I asked him if he did crack he said "no". His teeth said pipe. I wanted to ask for some cash up front, but I never do that it makes me feel weird. It's also one of the reasons I get to know each client so well. I want to know that they are going to pay me, but at the end of one of my rides you always leave a tip. This guy was either really fucked up or just didn't want his I pod thing a mijigi video something, 30 GB. I don't think it works cause it keeps showing me sad mac, I don't have the right connection, a USB cable, Ill get one, but if I can get it running I think it was worth the 13 dollar trip. I took a gamble with this one, but at least I got paid. This Thursday was a sign of things to come. Quite. Not just slow, dead. I drove around for hours looking, hunting for nothing. The only thing I found was other taxi drivers. Headache. I still have one. I tense up when I'm alone in the Taxi for to long. Then I was sitting alone in the On The Rocks parking lot right after last call. I was burning Gas waiting for anything, looking at pictures of my son when a kid gets in, drunk and he had just smoked a joint, He stank. "West end" he directed. I acknowledged him and we started on are marry way, then the girl called and told him she wants to see him in the south side, deep south side. So toward Ellerslie I drove. I got there with a little help from my dispatch, but as soon as we arrived she announced that her boyfriend was there. My fare got to kiss her Goodnight and returned with me to the west end. He worked up a good 60$ fare, he tipped me a lot. He said I made his trip to Edmonton a Good one, he was from Edson. Then I told him I was nominated for a 1# driver in the service industry. He wasn't surprised, but then no one ever is.


Neely said...

i think sad mac means it's broken, cause one i had has a sad mac screen.. and it's broken.
you can look it up on the apple website.

kelseXy said...

Missing my favourite driver!
I'm going out tomorrow night but not sure if we need a ride.
I want details on how things go down.
I want!