Sunday, March 2, 2008

Alley cat's right past 142nd, nice hood

Hey tonight was awesome for all the right reasons except the cash, I came home with Thursday night earnings. You know what that's o.k this thursday I made more then I usually do. I picked up a women that I met using Blogspot. Her and her boyfriend were my best fare tonight. You two thank you for the kindness and the appreciation you guys are hard core and I loved it, call my ass anytime.
I did have one interesting fare, it was this girl that came into the car with a bunch of guys, she knew one of them but they weren't together (just friends). This lady was hyper-active or going through a manic state of some sort. She did not appear high on drugs in any way, she was just on fire. She kept insinuating that she was a slutty girl, she talked about how she likes to smile like a donut and that kind of dirty stuff. The car was full of guys including me, when she stepped out to buy smokes we talked about what we thought of her. The two dudes were already planning a tag team event, they were even giving each other high fives like they were in the ring, but they were in the front and back of my car. She came back and talked dirty some more and even told the two guys that she was going home with them. She backed out at the last minute and went home with her friend. She has this blog address and my phone number so if she wants to find out where the tag teamers live just give me a call, not! Hey lady I hope you stay safe in the future but even if you're manic depressive remember the world does not revolve around you, this is a dangerous city and you could invite the wrong mother fucker into your hotel room one night and who knows what will happen? Crazy.
There was also this personal fare that I had, she called me, and I decided to pick her up. East end of stony plain. She lived in a house that had been black listed by all the companies. I met her last night. I remember I had to drive fast, before the pharmacy closed. I made it with three minutes to spare. She got her pills. The next stop was the London Drugs store, she got cover up to cover up the herpes . She told me she was a coke addict. I drove her home, and gave her my number. She called tonight, I was stupid enough to pick her up. I waited like twenty minutes and when she finally got in, she told me that she was going four blocks away. She hadn't slept since I drove her to the pharmacy. She did a lot of coke. We were greeted at the destination by a fat asshole that was so psychotic he forgot to put on shoes, she paid me ten bucks and told me that she hoped that was enough to re insure another ride at another time. It's never enough, but that lady is never going to get my time of night.


Jessica Rabbit said...

entertaining evening as always :) i haven't been out in a long time so this is keeping me entertained. just been feeling a bit down this year. thanks for stopping by my 366 blog too! I'll see if I can keep up with it. I have a few friends who are doing the same...

take care J

kelseXy said...

Hahah yaaaay that's me
I'm glad you came into my shithole neighbourhood and picked us up even though I could have been some serious psycho.
And we were both kind of psycho by the time we got out of there.
Most expensive trip to the bar we ever had trying to get him drunk.
It worked though obviously haha!