Saturday, March 22, 2008

Its hard to make Refference to Music. Groovy

I love and hate my job. I love to experience the creation of the mutual understand of things. Tonight was tight in good ways and bad. Nothing scary, just screaming people that have face book stalkers. Men already know everything there is to know about women before they even consensually meet. Not fare! What's fare? I drove a Muslim man from the Dyker to 107 107, slow down, we talked about religion. It's a religious day. For some. Jesus was a hot topic. It was neat. The Crucifixion is a big day for Catholics, and Christians too. I spoke Polish in the cab, with a young gentlemen. That never happens, his father was a taxi driver here. Polish people are often the people behind the wheel. GoD I love speaking in other languages, I don't like it when others speak a language I can't understand. Today some Egyptians spoke Arabic, and it's like I lost control of the situation. I usually can get in on any conversation. Just throw the philosophical question and boom! In there and running, working your way into their lives realizing whatever you can just because you can. I don't speak Arabic, I can't even remotely understand it. I think they did it (not include me) because I almost drove away from them. I wasn't discriminating I was just not focused on making money tonight, I mean I was but I didn't make any. Moving to fast. Sometimes you can only try so hard before you give up. The Police always come out in full force on nights like tonight. When things are quiet even though it's a Friday night, that's when the cops can pick on you. There is this crack dealer that I drove once, he's been calling me non stop, I can't have him in the car, and he needs to use it. I could never have that kind of stuff going on around me. Often there are Cats that think that they can use me in order to personally gain a great deal of wealth, by destroying the lives of others, and then compensating me with Jack shit. This guy got my number from some girl I totally trust. He is her family, and I wish I never met him. I was hungry all night and still am. Some rich people are good and some are not. Same with the poor, and the middle class. Fuck groovy I am a pessimist.


Jessica Rabbit said...

In there and running, working your way into their lives realizing whatever you can just because you can

I love that quote.
My fave so far and extremely accurate about you.
Can't wait to actually go for a drink with you when you're done!

kelseXy said...

You were right,
It's even better.
Kind of reminds me of my own.