Sunday, March 9, 2008

People who stand in lines to go to the bar are like sheep

Tonight was a straight up shit show. The weather was good throughout the day (spring like) so the night was full of people looking for trouble. The lines to the bar were so long that I wish I took a picture of them, but I was too busy driving dushbags around. I had a fare on the North side 156 ave and 43rd st, holly shit was it ever hard to find. I would have ditched it it took me so long but it was my cousin. I love my cousin even though he parties on the North side. There wasn't anything weird tonight. Except the daylight savings change that made the night go a little faster. Driving the night shift for almost three years has fucked me up. I need a little more day time, sunlight and a little less blackness and bad driving. Lots of drunks driving more then usual and I saw lot of cops but they were in the bus shelters flirting with the bums. I'm happy they weren't hitting on me. Lots of personal fares called me, the only problem was they all called at the same time. I can only drive one car at a time.
My first fare was a personal client, she told me that her mother was a drug addict. I drove her mother to buy prescriptions the other day so I already knew that her mother was a heroin, oxy-codon abuser. The fare also told me that she had given birth to a still born baby a little while ago. The father of the child had left her, and she was forced to arrange the funeral by herself, thats some sad stuff. She was still upset about it, I think anybody human would be, but she did not turn to drugs to help her deal with the pain, actually she moved out of her moms house and completely turned herself into a good person. I could see the kindness in her eyes, something that her mother did not have anymore. The night was so busy and flew by so fast that I can't really remember very much so I hope the horror story about the still born is enough and if it isn't then come back soon there is more where this came from.

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