Sunday, March 9, 2008

Edmonton the land of Dirt Bags

You know last night I was so tiered that I forgot to tell you what happened to my friend. She works at a bar, just a little pub off of Jasper. So last call hits, then the bars closes and she get in her car to go home. She turns onto Jasper ave and stops at a red light, there is a man sitting in his white truck with the hazard lights on. As soon as the light says go she starts to move but so does he. She drives home, her usual course all the way to the West end, when she approaches her house she realizes that the man is still following her. He's making all the same turns she does. She tries to loose him but no the fucker persists. She drives toward the freeway, so does he. She calls me over and over again. She was so scared that while driving on the freeway she swerved into an exit lane at the last minute. The exit leads to my house where my girlfriend was sleeping. She lost the guy but was so scared to go home she knocked on my girlfriends window at 5 am. She slept over at our house. I was upset to hear such a scary story. I was more upset that she did not get the animals license plate, but I was happy that she felt safe here with my family. If I was a women getting followed by that asshole he would be in jail, getting rapped (hopefully). I would have gotten him back. Anyone in this position ever should call 911.


Elise said...

What the hell is up with people! If I were the girl I would have called the police and had him follow me to the station where they'd be waiting. Some people are so damn twisted. I'm glad your friends okay. Things could have turned out badly. xx

kelseXy said...

When people follow me home I pray that they don't stop until they reach my place because if I want to stab the fucker 40 or 50 times no one better witness how violent it was, or how much I enjoyed gouging out his eyes.
Just a thought.
Edmonton is full of bastards though. For real.
I in fact am having the best times of my life, even in the state of bankruptcy, living in a shithole where bastards follow me home. Everything is going better than ever.

Pumpkin said...

Lol, I agree with the snazzy living in New York wish. Although I don't think it would be a pleasant place to live for over a year or two. Anyways, sorry it has taken me forever to reply. Yes, I was ready for the elections, and am pleased with the turnout. Are you? Sorry to hear about your friend. Glad to hear you, among others close to me, have enough compassion to help those who come to you in their time of need.

Misko Dub said...

I can see that your friends stories are as interesting as yours. These kind of stories just freak me out. I could not imagine if that would happen to someone close to me. One thing is certain, I would get my lotus with the canon. Anyway, I like what you wrote at the end. I think that should be standard reward for people like that. "Jail and ass rape".

Anonymous said...

what a loser