Monday, September 3, 2012

So cum ready to FLASH!

Being experimented on isn't always the worst but it sucks nine times atta ten. We should all know that we're all getting experimented on day in and day out! We let it happen because each of us is aware that no one knows anything. I had to have an escort walk me to the port-a-poty, it kicked ass. She was beautiful. There wasn't many media people at the event. It was a weary place, yet in fact it was the ultimate VIP section.
Most of the media teams do half the work I do. And they look at me funny.
I caught one of them hustling around my tent. He was setting up some people for a shot. I Jumped in on the action, when "BANG" he snapped "Let me get my shot!" he yelled, I laughed moving up toward the two thousand people in line standing. They were waiting for a piece of merchandise. I moved a herd of about a half a dozen of em toward him. He saw there was people coming for photos! He tried to set them up. I came up behind him with a bunch more people and said "This is my photo dude! but you can have it!" Then I turned around and took the photo. He took that one shot, I took three hundred. My concert sets suffered today. I wasn't into it. I wasn't versatile, I watched the promoters and met some people. Talked my ass off. The VIP was empty, the people that were there were lame, broken and barren. You wanna say "It's always like that" but I don't think it is! Things have been better in times. things can always be better, but things aren't always getting better. I can feel the VIP changing, and I'm a factor, this little demon that creeps into the board rooms through the back door of a bar. Our world is unforgiving when it comes to abuse. In the span of one human life our race has started to experiment with the life of the planet. We gotta know something, I'm almost positive it happens in the moon light.

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