Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home(More)Less Center of.....

How many homeless people can read, I wanna do a read athone at the homeless shelter. See how long we can get people to read without stopping. There would be a bunch of very cool moments in time. Bringing people out to read. I think it would be a difficult task to accomplish, unless of course you found a way to enlighten society with it.
Don't you hate it when someone tries to pull a chump card on you. I'm a chump. I've been assigned this project that I'm kind of excited about, I'm going to make klips that help kids learn basic grammar skills. My goal through the process is to master the basic skills myself. I've got it covered, left the notes in the car.
Schools reaching a peak. I've over come many obstacles and I hope to conquer many more in the next semester. I'm doing another readathone. A fucking Shakespeare a thone. It'll be an event, 24hr of unadulterated college kids reading 17th century work that'll be broadcasted to the entire world. Who cares, not the teachers, well not all of them. There is the few diamonds, the gems you collect over the years of falling into debt. I love school! I love society and people and women and men! I think I find myself the most intriguing thing though, it's because almost no can write a legitimate blog around here. Any one with any clout is too fucking scared to lose their position. Corporation treat people like puppets, schools train kids to be puppets, teachers turn kids into puppets. We're fucked, a God damn little sphere philled with this awful species. We're stuck behaving like insects, except we're here to devour life so that it doesn't succeed, it's like our behavior is to kill ourselves. We're the bottom of the barrels. Maybe we're Life gone wild who the fuck knows..... SOmething does! Easy, 100%. We are a corrupted race of innocent creatures. I just don't think that it's people that are to blame. I think that it's something else. It might be an illness! Then maybe we could find a cure. But it seems like we've just stoked the fire, so that's why I figure I should do a read a thone at the

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