Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jenna Marbles is a role model to hookers without self esteem

I need a new pair of skate shoes and I can do it. Today I shot a birthday party. I was at a location I never really shoot at, it was a private party. We drove a limo around the city, the guy having the party was gay and the ride was filled with women. They were all very sexual.
I've been having this problem for years, writing about reality like it was taxitalk. taxitalk was so much easier!
What am I doing now, I have goals. I've found that there is no way to make a living working for others you have to do it working for yourself. School has burdened me with an immense debt, it has done so while also allowing me to better conceptualize where it is we live in the universe.
How do you work for yourself, you meld with you society and begin to introduce what it is you can offer. I can communicate very well and I'm learning to prostitute my way up the food chain. you want to be in a position where you can leverage yourself over the leaders in the industry to make sure you're set to win. Winning is a predictable thing. It's easy to see how to win, conceptualize the perfect scenario where you couldn't lose. Then put the pieces together. Finding talent is hard but it's key. Most people aren't following their dreams. They're trying to harmonize with what society has to offer them by doing exactly the opposite ....
The Strategy comes naturally when you're letting go of yourself for the right reason! Our world is suspiciously hard to talk about honestly! It's because


Anonymous said...

If winning is so predictable, why are there always losers to every winner? To be successful is to work successfully and cooperatively with others. If you can't handle that, you will never be anything more than a self entitled bag of shit.

Anonymous said...

theres a difference between working for yourself and working by yourself, surely your life's been filled with enough jobs where you were working for someone else, did you feel like a self entitled bag of shit?

Joseph Burben said...

Jesus Anonymous! Where have you been my whole life! You sound Like a blow job!!! Winning is easy because I have assholes like you hovering around in a cloak of anonymity!
I can build strategies that'll make you bend over and eat your own asshole! douche!
I'm entitled to everything YOU 're good for, You re my bag of shit someone bought at a donair shop!