Saturday, September 8, 2012

Krist I 'm times #3 + 1

Spending too much time in the waste paper basket can change your life! Like smelling the essence of a woman a lover that just left you on your pillow or on your blanket as you're going to bed. Not a bid deal once you've had a few right? The essence is the same, it's about you're familiarity with your own essence and how its consistency that changes. You get used to it. You know what it is. Forty year old women want to cum a dozen times, and if they're not in the marriage that ruined them they usually are out taking care of business. I shouldn't be their business. I'm not sure who to meet! I know that sounds funny, but who to focus on. I've never had that. I find each one of them remarkable. I remember there was this one.
I was twelve. We had just left the house I grew up in to my dad, while my mom and I moved to this ghetto apartment building in downtown St Albert. I walked to school from there. That walk was a real mind opening experience. For most of the year it was boring but toward the end I found a partner. Melony was my age, she had been in my class, and I had the biggest crush on her. I walked her home for the latter half of the sixth grade. She had me. There wasn't anything I wouldn't do for her.
We started a band! She got drums! I played the guitar..... we never jammed.
That year I moved to Europe and we lost contact.
Seven months later, I was a thirteen year old boy coming back from a day of school in Poland when my grand mother handed over a letter. We were in the dusty old, open windowed kitchen, my grandma was making chicken soup on the wood stove. I was only just a teenager. I opened the Letter!
Dear Jacob!
It was from Melony, she wanted to inform me that she had been missing me, that she wished she could walk home with me because she liked me the whole time.
I was smitten, I lost the letter and never got back to her again, shit moved on at that point, I was in Europe.

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