Monday, September 10, 2012

tsap ypoc

It's easy to forget that you're probably lonely and weird. The problem with forgetting is that when you finally come to terms with not being lonely, you get stuck somewhere alone and you don't know what to do cause you set yourself up to succeed with the help of someone else. There are people that come with you all the way to the point where you're about to get to the other side and that's when they ditch you. They always try to blame you too. They say things like "You're just and ambitious fuck" or "Why do you think you're entitled to that!" When you hear people like that, people who don't understand why they should be entitled to everything you know that they're not entitled to anything.
I'm entitled to being weird and lonely. Everyone one is except people that aren't. you don't question, you don't expose anything unless it tries to diminish you for being yourself. All that is is bullying, and there is a shit load of it. It's everywhere, people are scared of everything and they think they need to reach out to every other resource to get the answer, outside of them selves.
We're creatures of habit. Lots of people are stuck in the past, they don't write blogs and they don't know how important it is to be transparent.Another thing about this habit bullshit is when you're trying to develop a concept you must be repetitive and good. Finding a way to bring old form back is a very highly prized skill in our society

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