Friday, September 28, 2012

Joseph B!

In a world gone wrong JosephBurben has found a way to come straight. There is so many things that seem to be spinning out of control all over the world. Aren't you glad you're from Edmonton! Alberta has a lot going for it. We're the Economic capital of the world, we're driving our National economy forward. What better place to give birth to the new Renaissance, we're born again. The Image reflected to us here represents the gateway to the north, a look toward the vast horizon the holds our great prairies. The world is coming to respect the community I was born into. I want to share my experience with the world. Our city has more to offer the future then any other municipality for decades to come. Edmonton is going to be home of a cultural revolution, I think it's started but the ball needs to get rolling. The Photograph and the reaction it received over the internet has proven that our city is a sight for sore eyes. Our social landscapes are changing and our culture is making a shift, leadership is on the rise. A fundamental thing our community is striving for is sustainability. Alberta is going to put Edmonton on the map as one of the most sustainable cities in the world ....."How?" You might be asking! Well.... With pieces like this picture. The Copy you're staring at is a one of a kind signed print of Edmonton Alberta on July sixth 2011. It want viral almost exactly a year after it was taken. Everyone from Economic development Edmonton to Lululemon were looking to sport it on their front covers. We shared it! No strings attached, well kinda... It's been offered to the world as a piece not for sale but for show, this picture of Edmonton is being "Paid Forward" ... shared, passed around from local business to business gaining the the reputation it deserves. I want it to end up in city hall. My goal for this image that proved to me that Edmonton is one of the most beautiful cities in the world is to auction the work off to big business; it's that business that drives the success of or city. The proceeds are going to go to the Old Strathcona Youth Society! A small non profit organization that tries to create a nurturing environment for kids that may have just spent the night sleeping in our river valley, or who are having a hard time studying for finals because their parents are addicted to meth. I want to buy them cameras! I am dedicated to introducing them to the medium and giving them the opportunity to succeed by reflecting their point of you. I'll start with showing them techniques that'll reflect what's in front of them professionally. I want to nurture my community, I want to see what it is others see in my world. Edmonton is going to be one of the most influential cities on the planet in the future. Let's all join together and change the world.

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