Saturday, September 22, 2012

she snuk me into the club!

SHe was this girl with big tits on the ave. I was sixteen, we where in the Chapters parking lot. One of the doors was always left ajar, it was winter, I had five roast beef sandwiches, we were alone and smoking weed. It was warm in the stair well, it smelt like piss, the dope was good. I was sixteen. I thought her body was going to feel different, I though we'd fit together more easily. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. It felt good when she put me in her mouth, she was older then me. None of this had ever happened to me. "You're a virgin!"she asked her mouth half open her eyes looking up at me. "Yeah," I waited "You're not!" She smiled and went on. "You like it?" I asked, half expecting her to say "No". I didn't know what to expect. She stood up after a while. I was standing there pants round my ankles. She had this black hair, it was long and this red underwear. She was slim and beautiful, heavy chested. "How old are you?" I asked, I wasn't expecting an answer. She took out a condom. "Put it on!" the way she told me to do it kinda scared me. I thought about getting aids. I stood there holding the package, it was good. The fear had scared a little of the life out of me, but I was sixteen and she was a temptress. When her efforts paid off, I put on the condom. She stood up again, I can almost taste the stale smell of smoke in the room. Then she pushed herself against me. My hands reach form behind wrapping around her chest. She reached back behind her and grabbed me. I jumped. she laughed and played with me before she put me inside her. We got dunk after, we drank a 2/6 and ate the Arby's, it kicked ass!

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