Sunday, September 2, 2012

Marilyn Manson said it's "an astray" but he's an asshole he can suck my dick

You don't deserve the good shit you have in your life, you're just lucky to fucking have it. It's like that. The higher you go the further you are allowed to scrutinize everything, the perfect things. We destroy our own self esteem when we do that, building impossible walls to overcome. The best is to look at yourself and reflect what you want in others. That's easier said then done, everyone has a fucking busy day to deal with. Yeah that's true, but most people have a busy day doing shit they hate so they break there soul to pieces on the weakend.
So tonight I had someone tell me they read all my blogs, they were like "I read everything" That shit makes my day. Makes me feel superior, not that I'm writing this but that the writing is securing me uniquely in the eyes of others.
Who the Fuck cares?
I keep living in love with myself! I miss having someone, but I'm empty in so many ways to others because of my own self absorption. But my body is sweet, I fucking dig myself, everything. I have a few dirty flaws and they're fucking beautiful! Sure ego is a possible coprolite but fuck I haven't had sex in months! Who is this for, I'm sick of talking to myself! I have it too good, and I'm always trying to make it better.
I flew a kite today! It was ugly outside but I'm imaging having to live in Afghanistan.
The world is a taxi. Sweet dreams come to people who sleep.

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