Monday, September 17, 2012

Good men raised by great mothers bleed after becoming fathers

So another night goes by, another fight with you're lover. Life sux! Tell them to eat a dick, tell them that they aren't anything without you. Go snuggle yourself to sleep alone! It's not like you're out there alone at recess. It's not like you got to start all over again. Like you were a rock start in one place and you're just a kid in another. Life flips underneath us and never gives us what we thought we were here to get. The earth gives us more. Nights give us days. Lovers make us hate. Sucking at life is friendly. Losing your loved ones is easy, you just give up and say "I don't care" you gotta say things like, "Fuck, I'd rather be in Hawaii then be a Dad" then ditch the kids and fly away. Most of us are going to do that. Most of us do. Except as we fly away we're able to convince ourselves that it's the best thing for the kids.
Kids have to adjust so much, to shitty schools and crappy teachers, lifeless mothers and non existent God Fathers. I can't imaging having my grand parents here raising me. You're lucky if you can.
Don't judge though.
We gotta keep our selves fit to survive. Except we're being convinced to focus on ourselves to be the best we can be for the future by consuming like a fleet of Mercury locusts. We're disgusting if you really bother to look at us closely, our love is corrosive. I can deal with that though. As long as I can come close and lay next to you. Fuck being alone is simple. It happens when you decided your heart is made of fire and it's vulnerable so you blow it out yourself. then you can judge everyone. All those who're burning up inside and stinking up this world with the stench of tragedy.

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