Monday, July 25, 2011

Utonia the largest body of water here on her home.

Over the tide she could see him standing on the solid ground. The two were dreaming together, when he stood out on the peers late at night watching over the currents, waiting for the second arrival. The water was changing again, like it did those many years ago. The night the child was brought and given to him was the most horrifying day in Arron's life. He was only just an inkling out of the water. His father had decided to leave his mother behind. Their connection had been malfunctioning under the burden of the pollution caused by female reproductive behaviors. The electrolights were becoming inactive. There seemed to be a virus and it caused the boys to back out and breath.
Arron was a magnificent swimmer and above all in his colony  he was a superior specimen. He could run, and he could run fast. It was visible immediately, the moment he left the water. She knew the day he stepped out into the Booplonian Sun in that open air  that the only way his elders were going to allow him to see her was if she stepped out of the abyss. The island cities were built in honor of the Child, but it was Arron that held it all together.
The night Abuk was dropped into his presence was terrifyingly liberating in that it made him aware that there was reason for everything, and that he was chosen for a purpose.
"I was lucky the beast chose this planet and that he bestowed me with the burden" Arron spoke openly at the peak of the dock. His voice was heard by her deep in the bowls of the breath of her home. The reflection of the stars off the water made the universe seem so vivid, the way the liquid behaved, reflecting one endless space with the depths of their sea. Arron was destined to be separated from her. They both sat yearning for one another. She felt it in at the bottom of a bottomless Ocean.

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