Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet'cha there!

Well equipped and stoked to be standing on the Ave, I was ready and it was only 7:30. I was totting all my gear and I was ready to shoot. The night was young and I had to wait for the party to begin.  Something told me it's time to go down and visit the good old PawnShop. I was appropriately greeted by an ugly door man that treated me like his brother. Right then accordingly I was given the opportunity  to reintroduce myself to Mr. Adam Thompson, an old business acquaintance.
I mentioned something about taxitalk, fiction, CeeLow Green and the Sonic Boom. He offered me his card and asked "Are you going to shoot the show tonight?"
I understand live music is special and it needs to be treated that way. "Shout Out Out Out Out, is gonna close!" he told me. So I got my brotha to stamp me, and by eight o'clock I was set again standing on the Ave.
The show didn't start till at least eleven. It took a while but eventually the bands started coming on and by the time Shout Out Out Out Out was ready to hit the stage I was ready to explode and so was the audience. The Band was great and the scene was sick with enthusiasm. People are here for one another in the city of Edmonton. And in a city so often associated with a hard coldness I felt like I could see the love emanating off the people. It was great, and I was hooked. Shooting live music in a Club venue is certainly always stimulating, challenging and it really gives photographers and media people opportunity to apply their knowledge in a fast paced environment. I got off in there shooting those Rockers, it was new.
Now the Honest truth, the reason the evening gave me such an overwhelming bout of joy wasn't only because I got to shoot inside the a Music venue, it was because I got to introduce myself on the scene. And it's all so fresh to me. It's the type of thing you line up at 7:30 for.

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