Monday, July 18, 2011

"moi aussi"

"Never anticlimactic is she?"  he asked him, the two were sitting at a cafe in Paris. "Don't you wish there was a evolution in the relationship?" They could both smell the roasted chicken broiling in the BBQ two store fronts south of them. "What a false front!' one of the men announced. Most of the patrons on the porch turned to look the couple over, "don't you think?"
The waitress came in carrying their sandwich order."What is this?" one of the men asked violently. The woman was startled but she lowered the order to the table. "It's your lunch" she said smiling. He smiled back, "I wanted the roasted chicken!" he said enviously, she looked the two over, and laughing said

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Anonymous said...

this is an awesome post! wow taxi talk you have evolved!!