Thursday, July 14, 2011

"My stomach's been growling all day!"

He looked her over twice, it took him that second glance to soak in how beautiful she really was. "What are you looking at?" she asked. He always thought she looked so good. It was in her eyes. She had this sparkle that drew him in. It was an abyss and the day he witnessed her expression for the first time, it was the twinkle in that depth that blew his mind out into the universe. He could tell how much she wanted him. The desire was tremendous, and his will was willing and weak beyond resistance. "I'm looking at you baby." He answered her, she could hear his voice and she felt his eyes devouring her. It made her warm inside, blush filled her cheeks, she was glowing with an invigorating sizzle. She could feel the the heat from inside her rise and she could see that he could feel it too.
He could see her smouldering turning bright red she reminded him of  a chilly. That made him smile. He lunged at her and she welcomed him between her thighs instantly, they cuddled close together. He was right to think she was so beautiful she thought.
"Why do you think I'm so gorgeous?" she asked in a calm voice, her arms crossed over his chest. He wasn't wearing a shirt and he could feel the chill of her hand. He knew she did not understand how he felt about their relationship. "I don't think you're gorgeous." he said, out loud, with conviction. It was awesome, her agony, the way he always found a way to hurt her when she was trying to let him in. "What?" she demanded. He just got up and said.


Fun said...

Are you a Big One?
I don't think so!

who are I? said...

The author of this blog is a sausage to a regular Canadian announcer!

this is so nice said...

If I was any other way I would have posted it on the front!!!

Anonymous said...

Polish sausage?? mmm My fav!! ;)

no worries said...

always a pleasure!