Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ok, maybe not ALWAYS! It never is because it always is... am, together!

She got rid of it, erased it, but it belonged to her. She's the only one that'll miss it, antagonize over it. "I hate you" she yelled out from her third story window.  "I never want to see you again because you don't want to be with me." She was infuriated by the way he made her feel. "Let me call you tomorrow" he said, willing to share himself somehow. "I don't hate you" he said,  his words just sent shutters through her body. "You hate me" she demanded, stripped in front of him. Her hair was wet with furry and her brow broken, she fell into herself standing there speaking to him angry. "It's not your fault" he said. "How can you say that" she answered guilty. "I'm to blame. I broke your rule." Her voice kept breaking into a weep. It made him feel sad that she wasn't going to take this smoothly. "I'm not old enough to understand how this feels yet" she repeated several times. "I'm only twenty one, I've never loved anyone, I feel torn." She said rolling up the sleeves of her thick red sweater. "It hurts me so much baby, look, baby come look at what you did to me." She sat revealing her shredded forearm, it looked dissected and raw. You did this to me. "I can't stay with you baby" he repeated shocked by her blatant self-destruction "I didn't want that". He knew what he had done to make her feel that way, and he understood that her anger was blinding her. Her expectations formed deep grooves into her body. And it was all

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