Thursday, July 7, 2011

Be my Moonday

I just remembered his name, "Bob" he was older then me. The three of us set off on a grand journey. It was the weekend before my finals. I wasn't ready, but it was New Mexico it wasn't about being ready, it was about being able to go. Bob had just let me read his copy of "On the Road" which I stole, by  Kerouac, Sean was with us too, he was visiting me from Canada. He picked the worst time, but I was so happy to have someone to reflect with. He hated Mew Mexico, "Shitty Vibe" was all he could say. I lived in a trailer, well I actually lived in an addition built onto a house made of three mobile homes welded together. It was great, I paid rent by teaching at a tiny private school. Whatever! Bob, Sean and me decided to go on an adventure together. We were to go to California to watch the sunset. Bob said he wanted to surf. I was twenty years old. We made the decision to leave over a bottle of Cazadores, a Tequila we purchased in Mexico early that Friday morning.
By the time we hit the road to Cali  I had Pink eye, I don't believe my mom let me go. I was still such a dump ass. It didn't matter, I had driven my 323 alone all the way from Edmonton earlier that year. university wasn't a priority at the time either, yet I still managed to succeed, but not without snags. Bob drove a mini Van, so naturally we took his ride. It was the three of us and the open road.
I can remember Bob vividly. I met him through Shabbat. He was an individual, he lived in the dorms, and he smoked buckets of cigarettes, He also played guitar, I think that was how Shabbat managed to bring us together.
Bob came off as effeminate almost immediately, me and Sean never talked about that I don't think. I remember eating in the little Mexican restaurant in Tijuana, "Dog! this is DOG!" Sean yelled, all I wanted to do was find a big pile of prescription drugs and eat them before we had to go back to the States. We never got any drugs, Sean bought a poncho. I was Sunday, and you could tell that the Roman Catholic Culture still held it's hands around the people.  

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