Friday, July 22, 2011

The Orkd

The story goes that there was this "coming" way, way back in the past, when the islands of Booplo were beginning to form, when the Booplonians lived in harmony with one another. Before the landing of man the Island planet of Blooplonia was a crack pot of never ending volcanic eruption. The morning the man was delivered to the surface was the initial moment the Blooplonian masculine types decided to separate from their significant feminine soul mates. From beneath the primordial oozz the female Blooplonians watched curiously through their indigenous surroundings, their masculine counterparts receive the male. A man, still in the form of a child was delivered in what looked like a red light, thunder, fire and sand storm.
Historic records throughout those moment in time are found to be inconclusive, the masculine figures still had not evolved the proper digits to sculpt media.

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Rained out RaceCar Jovi!