Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just tell me if it's a boy or a girl.

The two of them walked into the clinic in a daze.
-Is this really happening? she asked. They were both nervous. Just four months ago I remember telling you that I'd leave you and have an abortion, but look at us now, pregnant.
He looked her over excited,  then remembered the conversation, the though repulsed him.
-an abortion, I knew that was unacceptable, I was the one who told you not to take the morning after pill. This baby isn't going to hurt us. He looked at her, he was only nineteen, but standing there in front of the radiology department he made her feel like he was a man.
-I'm not scared baby. She said to him in a whisper. I love you baby. The conversation made the others in the nearby waiting room cry. They both laughed, I'm happy we're doing this, she said smiling. He looked her over and brought her in closer to him. The receptionist yelled
-Jefferson's! The two stood up quickly, all he could hear in the back of his head was the sound of his father.
-ATTENTION! He winced standing there while she moved forward holding his hand. She took her next step without him.
-Baby? she said looking back, He was sweating.
-We're gonna find out the sex of the baby, he said standing himself back up. She could sense he was beginning to feel the weight of the situation.  She smiled and continued having faith in him.
-What do you want baby? she asked curiously.
-I want a boy. He answered, she smiled back at him, realizing he was catching up. The panic she saw in his eyes a moment ago seemed to pass. He looked her in the eye as their two hands met. He could see she was nervous too.
-What do you want baby? he asked her back,
-I want a girl. She answered, the technician stood there examining her patient. The couple just continued to laugh amongst themselves. So what's the sex Doc? he asked the middle aged women scanning his soul mate.
-I can't tell you. She answered, she had a dull smirk on her face.
-excuse me? she questioned, looking up at her belly spread over the table. She could tell the women scanning her knew what sex the baby was going to be.
-Why won't you tell us? they both asked. The technician didn't look like she was going to change her mind.
-Because I'm liable! she answered aggressively.
-Why are  you so angry at us? they asked, both interested in knowing where this resentment came from.
-Never mind! said the woman while gently handling the transducer over the newly formed curves just now starting to burst out of her teenage body.
-That can't be it. He said, irritated that she wasn't openly willing to share more of herself, he could tell that she was obviously unhappy with something.
-hey, where are you form? she inquired open to listening to anything the technician was willing to divulge.
-Alberta. replied the woman, she was re applying the gel needed to lubricate the skin for the exam. It really helps the test run much smoother.
-It's actually really soothing you know! she said. It feels good, it's like a massage at three o'clock in the morning. Do you do this lots?
- AHh, she said, squeezing out the final drops out of the translucent gel. She could tell it felt cold on her skin by her delicate reaction. This is an unnecessary test you know? The two just laughed. There is nothing wrong with you, you got gas the baby is fine.
-What? she gasped.
-You gotta fart baby! he said, while she lay there blushing.What's the sex anyway? Can't you tell us? He asked. We're here anyway, why won't you tell us?
-You really wanna know?
-yeah! they both answered, a look of relief came over the technicians face.
-Your doctor knew you had chilly for lunch, and he knew that you were having indigestion, he ordered the test because it's his way to grease up his biz, this clinic's biz, his buddies biz. It's how you stay competitive in the Canadian Bureaucratic Corrupt medical sector. The two laughed.

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