Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Innocents is never really lost it's always around the next corner...Not!

It was huge and they all knew it. It was way bigger then anything they had ever done. It was his show, it was made with his turbulence and conviction. Up until now he never needed anything except for drive, but now he knew he needed help. It wasn't that he was getting any smaller, it was that everything he now had to compete with was too big and getting bigger. "What do I do?" he asked himself wisely. His wife, Adriana watched him scratching the back of his graying skull. "We are going to have to dye your hair later this month" she said pushing up to him, playing with the his hand and doing her best do relieve the stress. "You know, before the show, so you look your best."
He continued to sit stirring, thinking about where to reach out to for help. "I don't know who's on my side!" he moaned deliberately. His whining infuriated her. She knew where he needed to go, she knew what he needed to do.
"You know you missed his birthday!" she said sounding so sad. She did it to aggravate him, to mix with his emotions and he knew it. "Baby I do my best to make sure he gets what he needs" he started, it was the same old routine, the two of them fighting about whether they should continue chasing it. She turned down onto him, pulling her face so close to his he could feel her exhale herself all over him. He loved the way she smelt. She was so close he could taste her on his lips. "You know what comes first" she explained, he did and she knew it. There was nothing there to hid between the two of them. He loved her wretched stench as much as he hated the nausea her pricey designer perfume made him feel in the limo. They both understood that they had to change, or everything they had was doing to fall apart.
"I want to keep fighting" he disclosed proudly but at the same time with an implied shrug. "You missed his birthday!" she repeated. The words defeated him, he felt beaten and weak.

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