Saturday, July 23, 2011


As the boy grew, the masculine Booplonians began to adapt to cater to the being. The boy was dubbed King Abuk, and as he grew the world around him began to change. The Blooplonians were much smaller then their King Abuk, by twelve years old he began to tower over even the biggest aboriginal. Over time the planet and it's people had evolved into a civilization that supported and sustained Abuk, the alien ruler.
Abuk, bringing with him the inherent savage characteristics of any human child relished in his divinity. He demanded that his people adore him without measure. Once, after having fallen and scraping his knee raw, King Abuk demanded the names of the people who lived on the rock where he had fellen. The family of young land Blooplonians were reluctantly identified by the locals as the Rockefeller's. King Abuk sent the family of mostly miners to live next to the water to wait on the water fairing species of Booblonia.
The two kinds of Blooponians were never happy when they were forced to be in that close of proximity to one another. But since the King was such a young and naive leader he often enjoyed to torment, he caused the planet and its inhabitants much discomfort and ruled like an ignorant child. Both the land and water beings of Blooplonia instituted themselves to making the life of King Abuk the and all and be all of Booplonia, his life gave their life meaning.

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