Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mixing Drinks!

"You fucking pig!" she yelled from across the room.
It made me laugh. I was standing at the bar. Everyone was listening to us bicker. She was trying to make me feel bad that I wasn't going to be anything like her. "Screwdriver!" I said to the bar keep. A sixteen year old disk jockey. He was short.
"So is it going to be the three of us again sir?" he asked. "Last night was so intense, she wasn't going to take no for an answer." He was right, I wasn't changing my mind either. The three of us had been on this boat for a long time. We were ready for a change and we could see it coming. Landing was becoming a reality. We'd sensed that the tide was receding for years now. "There is so much for the two of you to deal with." he looked at me, he was to little for me to really believe that he actually understood,or whether he'd been trained to behave super accurately.
"We've been in on this together for year, and no one cares!" we looked at eachother. He was a sixteen year old bartender. "You get to go home!" I said to his smiling face.
"I know" his voice cracked as if to say he was still getting younger.
"Is he still here sweetie!" she yelled from the table at the restaurant.
"Yes mother he's still her" He knew there was no separating them. "You know mom! We wouldn't be here without him."
"Screwdriver boy!" she spat, "So you think you're here on his merit?" the anger sounder belligerent, but it wasn't she wasn't drunk yet.
"Have a drink mom!" my voice softened, I needed her to get drunk. She was always better at what she did when she was a little far off.
"Aren't we all son?" laughing she mentioned.
"We're all so lucky to have that little bar keep serving us those screwdrivers, but I got something to say bout that shit!" she said, superfluously. I laughed at her, I hated her blouse. Everyone in the bar was staring. I wished dad was here."That fucking orange juice" she stuttered, "It's that fucking canned shit" she said, so angry.
"It's been sitting there, it's from that concentrate. We started that trip with a block of it, and we still have so much of it. We're going to be drinking it for a long time form now."
I remembered, I laughed. "Just like dad said!" I was soulful.

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