Sunday, March 25, 2012

fetal alcohole syringe sting

"Well what did you expect?" it was cool outside and the air that found its way out of her mouth was always caught up in a frost. the Facts were unbelievable.
"You're not suppose to be out of bed!" he said appropriately, she was outside, and it was cold, and she wasn't wearing her jacket.
"I want a fucking cigarette, write now!" she screamed. He just watched her and continued smoking his smoke.
"Fuck off" the sound came out as he exhaled the the smoke. She looked at him half astonished. "You're pregnant!" he was shaking his head. "You can't fuck with your kid like that." She knew he was right, she wanted to see this baby born. "Grandpa wants to see this little guy cracking jokes with over us turkey!

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