Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a gay bar! Bathroom!

"I was not planning on this." it was an omen. He turned to me and asked "What?" I was unhappy. This was the worst situation I'd ever been in. I wanted out. "What were you saying about us." The questioning was his way of getting back on track, little did he know that there was non. The world was coming to an end and no one knew why. Well that was a lie. The world was changing, "Actually!" he said, sitting there smiling. " I ah, ah, well I think that recently I've noticed that people are more driven to engage one another. I was in love with the idea recently, well the idea that this is heaven." My mouth dropped, "but you re an idiot." He smiled, well I have been for a long time but now I think that dreams can come true."
The two of us had to celebrate, we were together and he was ready to accept that this shitty place we live in is sick. "And that's good I think!" He said, excited. "It allowed us to hone are skills as problem solvers before we hit space!" I was astonished. "You fucking dirty imbecile, you finally have half a clue, what happened!" My surprise didn't baffle him. "Well" he remarked looking back at his big black truck. "I was born in the richest nation in the world!" his eyes met with the wind shield. " I'm so lucky to have that truck." he was right. "I was becoming a failure!" things were spinning our of control around me. "I want to lead the world to it's own destruction," and he was serious, "But you re almost unconscious." and then I woke up alone and in

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