Friday, February 24, 2012

digital revolution in the eyes!

"Wasn't ever good looking enough to be liked by the likes of them and that" the young man had a hard warn voice. "They always wanted someone to look perfect too!" he stopped and spooned in a mouth full of the steaming hot soup. The look on his face reinforced the fact that she knew it was good. "I love you baby" she said smiling and leaning up on the counter. They had been together three months before he had gotten her pregnant. "How does it feel baby?" she'd him, he was inhaling the food. "Eh?" mouth full of stuff, "what do you mean?" She smiled, she knew he was not the smartest of the bunch. "You 're gonna be a dad in two months." It always made her smile. "That look baby" she laughed. He just sat there motionless, stuck from fear.
She could tell that he was scared, it was funny to her, he was like a deer in headlights. "Faithful aren't you baby!" she'd say, stroking his face every time he found himself unable to cope with his commitment to them. "We re gonna be a family" he'd eventually mumble, "I've never had one of those." They both sat together at the table while he spooned the soup.
"Traffic makes me excited" she would say. Neither of them we re able to see themselves together. it hurt both of them so bad.

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