Sunday, March 18, 2012


The rain was something soothing, always on those spring nights. It was so nice feeling her close to him, he knew he was never going to be seeing her again. "You're like that commercial I loved when I was ten years old. I memorized it. I could recite it on demand. A rap about the mall." She'd laugh at something like that. I laughed at something like that, until I forgot the song, the sound, what it was like to be ten. Her laugh was something that I lived for, but she was mean and I had to pull myself short most of the time to get anything substantial.
"Hatred is so passe!" She told me standing on the street. Not one taxi would pull over. It was the shape of her body. The cabbies preferred the perfect girls. "I'll get one!" she screamed kicking at the passing carriages. Not one slowed down. The street was filled with drunks. It was hideously happy.
"Hatred, I think I can hear it" I said listening to the police cars fly by. They scared us, walking up that street. The little devil on my shoulder wanted to ditch her. So I threw her into a group of fleecers, she liked that, there was a group of police officers there to save her, they all ended up dating, this was in 1568 of the world before this one, the one with different people.

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