Friday, March 9, 2012

"you told me you didn't drink!"

"you just stay smart" he told her standing outside the bar. The neon lights were shinning in their faces. They looked at each other as one after another a group of colorfully dressed ladies decided to go in. The red carpet seemed so inviting. "So you think you're going to go inside tonight." He stood next to her and said nothing. She just looked up at him. The street was full of traffic, it was almost Friday night. "You working this weekend?" She asked. "No" he told her sternly, "I just wanted to mention to you that you're doing really well filling up the blog!"Their project entailed so much work. He was right. "Thanks Sonny!" the word broke through, like a beam of sunlight. "I didn't think you'd noticed that I'm really starting to work so hard." He could tell that she was starved for appreciation. "Yeah, I know what ya mean. I know what it feels like to work your ass of for nothing." He talked gently, as some passers by contemplated going inside. It was three men in suits, and after a moments hesitation they dove into the establishment.
She looked in past the lights into the darkness of the inside, then back into the night on the streets. "You don't want to go back in there!" his smile annoyed her. "How do you know that?" her voice broke seeing a police car pull up to the traffic light to stop. "I want a cigarette!" the car annoyed her. "I don't smoke!" hearing him say that made her feel sick because she remembered what she told him.
"you told me you don't smoke!" he reacted. With a breezy satisfied look she glanced over her shoulder to look at him and said "I only smoke when I'm drunk." Her face was red. Looking back at her with a crooked smile he snarled

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