Saturday, March 17, 2012

He was just cramping my style

"Fuck'it!" Everyone thought I was going to agree with them. She did too. "Fuck it I got a car" I told the lot of them to "Screw off and find someone who gives a fuck." I was so proud to feel myself stand up for myself, no one had ever heard me in that room, like they did that night. It was more then I could have ever asked for, but there was that one thing, I needed to make everything right.
She was only a few blocks away, well from my house, but I wasn't at my place. I had a fire lit under my ass by my brother. "Where the fuck you been?" I remembered him asking me.
"Just chill out!" he knew by the way I sounded I was shutting him out. He'd never been a part of that side of me.
"You were with a girl." He was condescending. He was always looking down on me. "Who's she?" He demanded. It was stupid.
"Shut up!" I wasn't in the mood to fight with him, we were at our ants, my cousins kid was just a baby and crying. "You don't know!" he'd never been in love and I knew it, and he knew that I felt differently then he was ever going to let himself.
"You think she's better then us?" he asked to try to make me feel guilty, he wanted me to react.
"No one will ever be as good as you Bro!" I didn't say it nicely. I intended to be offensive, "I'm an idiot man, but I'm finished!"
"What are you fucking finished with" he asked, red faced and blunt, angry. I wasn't able to think about it. I didn't like him anymore. I understood that he didn't like me.
"You piss me off now!" I told em. I was angry too, at that point I was in love with her, and I knew he was never going to understand.
"Are you leaving?" he was standing over me.

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