Monday, March 12, 2012

white mustang convertible

Standing around outside the school made her feel awkward. She looked like a slut. She knew he liked her dressed in heels and short skirts. She actually liked that he liked her at all. It made her heart beat. It made her feel alive. She loved him for it, she loved him for being alive. He wasn't that much older then her but he was able to make her want to get up in the morning. "That's all I want from you Jack" she quietly whispered to herself on the way to work. She was sitting next to her daughter. She was teaching her to drive. "You're doing really good you know!" she said to the sixteen year old girl. "Mom!" the voice was soothing to her. "You've let me drive to school for the last three weeks. This is getting easy!" She was beginning to drive with confidence up the busy freeway every morning. "You know we're going to get you a car this summer!" she could see the glow in her eyes. "Mom dad bought me a white

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