Saturday, March 24, 2012

throw up "King"

There were only six of us in class. It was almost the weekend, the snow kept most people stranded at home. Nobody wanted to be there really, but the class was interesting. It was just that the weekend was so close. Time was moving so fast.
"what you doing tonight?" she asked me in such a soft voice. I wanted to tell her a lie, but of course I told her the truth.
"I'm making a movie about Canadian culture." The voice she heard sounded like a pitch, it wasn't really me anymore. "I mean, I'm going to be making a documentary that's going to let me show Canadians where they can really shine." The snow outside made me think about the environment. I was so scared of myself.
'Canadian's weren't raised that way!" she said with the voice of a kindergarten teacher. "You think you can make us care?" she asked seriously. We weren't alone, there was only six of us in the class room.
I looked her over, and recognized her smart phone. "You're on twitter!" The words come through as a whisper. The professor had managed to break us into two groups to talk about the play. I couldn't stop looking at her. She was so exotic, remarkably vivid, "you don't have a heart!" The remark was sharp, and she thought about it. The class room was still.
"I don't... no." Her head bent as she said it. She brought up both knees into her chair and curled up into a fetal position. She was so delicate, so small.
"I un-followed you." Again the remark was meant to hurt her.
"Who un-follows people." Her voice was that of a young unhappy woman.
"How old are you?" I asked. My legs were crossed in front of me, I was turned facing her. My left side was leaning onto the desk, where I had a copy of the Norton anthology laying open to.......
"twenty three!" she whisper.
"I purged anyone with whom I had never used the application with!" My voice was mechanical.I sounded like a robot.
"You're the one without a heart" she said, holding the smart phone.
Suddenly through the sanctuary of the class room populated by six students the professor spoke. "If you 're not going to discuss the text you can just get up and go." At first I didn't know who the remarks were geared toward, I had no idea till I turned to see the red face Dr. of literature. She was looking at me. Her arms were gently folded over the desk and she was watching my every motion with an extreme force, she looked furious.

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