Thursday, March 8, 2012

and I was.

"Is the camera man high?" asked the sober seventeen year old girl sitting in the back of the class room. The teacher let off a gasp. "What?" he stepped in front of the projector and exhaled. "You think he's high?" The whole class laughed. So did Mr.Rochester. "No.. well kinda!" I could feel the rush of blood to my face. I got hot.
The next thing I remember was the smell of chlorine. I don't know why it smelt of chlorine but it did. i remember coming to. My head was hurting.
"You asked the teacher if he was on drugs Josy!" The sound of his voice was unexpected. The room I was laying in was unfamiliar... or was it. "Jeff?" my voice sent shock waves of pain up my spin through to my temples. It was horrible enough for me to shut my eyes and cramp up. I was sick. "Don't even try moving, he poisoned you!" The voice sounded gentle.
"Jeff?"again my own voice cause a backlash of pain.
"Stop speaking" he persisted, "You've been attacked Sydney! You don't have to try to talk to us, we can see you we know what's going on, try to shut your eyes and relax." It wasn't Jeff, it sounded just like him, except Jeff would have never been so mean, or cold. I couldn't think. "How much did you take?" I lay there and wondered what the voice was talking about. "We found..." I could tell he was looking away. My head was throbbing with pain. I was sad. Turning back he said "we know what you were carrying in your back pack." my mind exploded.
"Don't touch her" I yelled, throwing my aching body up and out of the position I found myself trapped in. "Don't you fucking touch her" I yelled, trying to force my eyes open. It hurt the room was brightly lit. I felt lit. Red hot and alone. As I opened mt eyes the world began go come alive around me. The light began dancing. I started to have the sensation that I was flying. Then I looked down

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