Friday, November 14, 2008

THe World will end many will die but my kid is gonna survive for the new world

Kind of a sad Thursday. Slow, that's O.k, I survived which is good, and i have another battery for my cell phone. I got it from this fare, this chick I've driven in the past. Young and crazy, the kind of girls who can kind of scare you but it's cool. She gave me the battery, for the fare, if this battery holds charge for eight solid hours it would be a great accessory. She also let me charge my phone in her pad, Thanks. I've been blogging around town. The job, a strange bus driver dude, kinda crazy with a harmonica, he sang me somecazy stuff, I liked it, He said he wants to start a band, I told him "I do too." Who the fuck knows? Who the fuck cares? Ass long as the battery stays alive I'm on top of it. So many bad drivers, Taxi drivers are the worst. That's what happens when you run out of steam, you have a hard time keeping it in between the lines. I'm still brewing, got lots of spunk left but nowhere to spew it. Rock Band! I must start a Band. Fuck Ill drive everyone to practice. Practice then work so we need a lenient open minded place to Jam. I'm pumped gotta stay motivated, when the shit is going to hit the fan I'll be long fucking gone.

to Nowhere

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