Saturday, November 29, 2008

Help me Jesus, I'm having problems with the door lock

I was an asshole to a guy on Whyte ave last night, he got in at a Red light, I didn't want him. There were hundreds of people to choose from, I wanted my natural selection. He was a grizzly dude who had a bad ass written all over him. Tough. I didn't want him. I kicked him out and picked up a couple, hipsters. They told me that Edmonton has a very cultural scene. Compared to where they're from. Ontario. Small town next to the big T. They told me Edmonton is open mined. I gotta open my mind even more. Fuck. God, this change in the economy, I'm feeling it. The people are there, but man the people are tightening up. The streets are aaa, warm. I want to describe the difference, from the begining of the boom, all the way to future. So it started with the whole Alberta has jobs. The East flocked to the west to make money, Alberta put out. Alberta is supporting everyone that made it in. The Bubble here has not burst, not yet. Finning laid off a bunch a people. No work. Less work, whatever. Two years ago houses made money, people were taking lots of taxis, and everyone was drunk. The music scene is flourishing in Edmonton, because of the boom. Now houses are worth less then what everyone new paid for them. There are lots of people who have 30 year 5000$/month mortgages here, but now there houses are worth 200,000$ bucks. things are gonna change once people can't just make a lot of money jerking off. I should shut my trap, cause I know I'm gonna be working more hours to get by, so Ill see all the shit unfold. Fuck there are more musicians during recessions. Good luck to us all. Cause the future is looking ... I don't know but I can't wait to see. Peace

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