Sunday, November 16, 2008

Someone saw my CBC thing on TV

Pick a pocket. The last fare I drove hated me, but she was one of only a few. I think I am a person that can be hated or liked. Some people are scary and some people are amazing. My clients are the best, tonight I had a few fares who called me back, thanks. I drove a rock band bus driver, and he was the coolest dude, I would drive a bus around the country, have bus driver stories. Rock Band Talk would be all around me. He was cool, he came from Georgia. That's the South. OK so tonight was awful fucking slow, the cash was coming in but with no flow, without a rhythm. I drove around cursing God out, asking him or her "Why you Bastard Jesus Why? Am I not a good man?" and BAM Jesus would shut me down with the Crack Head fare. A fare born to waste a cabbies time, so after he went into his parents house and took an awful long time, I went up and knocked, 65year old dad in a pair of tighty whites shows up to the door and pays the addicts fare. Both hands in the cookie jar. Lots of people in the city know me, or of me. It's a decent reputation I think. So driving around talking shit to the man upstairs when I get a fare, some dude, to work. As soon as I shut the meter off the machine beeps. Next, Casino Yellowhead Pokerroom, I tell the dude I'm dropping off at work that "the Casino is a wicked bad place, Devilish!" I get there some old man is smoking outside, I ask him if any other taxi picked anybody up. "I haven't been here that long" he says. I start talking shit about how the fare ditched me, and decided to stay and gamble "bastard" I grumble to myself. The man standing out side smoking tells me to go in and ask, "good service" he says. "I drove taxi for a long Time I know, go inside and ask who wants a taxi." I looked at the guy and said "OK" why not?, tonight was awful whats going into a Casino going to do. So I go and I enter a room filled with people gambling. It's 7 am I was starring at addiction, and every one in that room was looking at me.I hear some dude yell "Taxi". "Yep and I almost took off without you so hurry" I yell across a few dozen tables. When I left that Casino I thanked that ex Taxi driver. My fare was one of the few winners I've ever had the pleasure of driving. Winners are rare, I just want to mention that anybody who got in my taxi last night, you're a winner. The fare had thousands of dollars and after a great J-Cab ride he tipped me a 100$. The man upstairs works closely with the man downstairs, us in the middle we're just here for the ride, well I am. Are you?


Real cab driver said...

God, I wish I could get Hockey Night in Canada here. Sigh.....

Last night was the last Big 10 home game of the season. There was more random violence and bozo behaviour than I've ever seen before. The number of people who just want to mess with someone is appalling. I had some asshole tell me to get out of my cab so he could drive it.

Obama? Well, the last time we had good times in the states was before Nixon hosed the economy in about 1970. That was about the same time the Canadians instilled the 'Landed Immigrant' system, to keep the illegal immigrant American riff raff out. I SO wanted to move to Toronto, sigh.... Hopes dashed.

My wish list for Obama is: Get America out of Iraq and Afganistan, post haste, we can't afford it, no matter what the human issues are. End the war on drugs, can't afford it. Get rid of Nafta, buy American. And... got I could rant for an hour.

How will he do? Who knows. Our last good president was Carter, last decent president was Bush senior, and rounding out the best presidents of my lifetime is Ike for keeping us out of Vietnam in 1954.

Good luck on your TV career!!!!

Victoria Von Swarovski said...

Dude I am so happy to hear that my taxi company is pissing the crap out of me.
I am soooo gonna give you a call.
As per usual I broke my phone, but it should be repaired by the end of this week.
Going to New City this Saturday, I'll tell the man I wanna take a cab. Be expectin urself a call!!

Lori said...

I have made a living off of tips for years. Every night is a surprise. I have waited on many a cab driver. You guys get tons of my respect. I always tip my driver well. Try to make up for all the wasted fares and time. Be safe.