Friday, November 7, 2008

Sonic 102.9

Stick it to the man. Just do it. Fuck! Yeah so tonight was beyond what I was expecting, I should never expect shit cause this job has some crazy highs and some powerful lows almost every couple hours and that's just cause of traffic. Traffic there is lots to traffic. Red lights, Green Lights, Yellow lights, Blue lites. Good people tonight. One guy with a great big bag of pills and cocaine. I looked at it, he showed to me after he payed the fare. He was an odd fellow. But not a bad fellow, well not yet. There is this girl who I think is really cool, shes tough and a bad addict she calls me lots and I pick her up when I can. She tried to push the shit, and she drown in it fast. Anyone know the York Hotel, Jasper Place is next, or whats worse the Transit? Who here is from Edmonton? I fucking love this city inside and out. Next A young dominatrix, hot! Actually two girls who were exotic but legit, real. We went to the McDonald's drive through two Big Mac meals, extra Big Mac sauce, and Coke. That's the same stuff I get. New City has dinner? Who knew? A military guy, except he didn't tell me he was in the military, hinted, subconsciously, I realized later, he was crazy but he could hide it. I was trying to figure him out the whole ride, his friend threw up three times on the way. Once on 100 ave and 163st on a lawn a block away from the 711 I picked him up at. No problems, then once on Fox drive and then once at the Union their final destination. That's when the crazy guy told me his going to Afghanistan. Who knew? That's cause I told you. Then I drove a girl to St Albert, I talked my ass off, about my life, my fucking awesome life. I love life, now here watch this

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Anonymous said...

you and your car accidents. did anyone die? that would be exciting. obviously horrible but for some reason it seems surreal when people die from car crashes. especially when it's so often

(forgot my blog password damnit!)