Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sun Jet

In general the city is a great place to live. Hey it hasn't snowed yet and it's not freezing cold. Tonight it stayed above zero. The big bar, I had issues with it again this evening. The CFR is in town right now, Canadian Finals Rodeo. Big fucking deal, so most people flock to the Country bar, Oil City. Now the club is one thing but the traffic around it is another. The worst drivers are behind the wheel of the Taxis scooping Cowkids up. There was some seriously awful driving tonight. Oh and a big fucking Check Stop on Calgary trail, This time I got some pics for you people to see what a Check Stop looks like, there is kids out here in Alberta that do not even know they exist, decent policing seems to have been extinct over the last few years. Man people are good. Almost all people are good. Tonight was not as big a pay off as last night and that seems to effect the psyche of a person. Fuck I shouldn't worry about the pay off as long as I make it home to my little sun. I'm growing a winter beard. To stay warm as I'm sticking my face out the window. My car is my horse and the top light is my lasso, Yeeeee haw.

Very deep talk in the background, sometimes life is personal.


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