Friday, November 21, 2008

WHat are the chances?

The truth is I want someone to give me the same quality service that I give other people No a blow job is not included. Something that made me happy happened once again in the taxi. O.k so I'm creeping around the basic Jasper to 82ave routine, not making the cash because its becoming a typical slow Thursday night. Back and forth, no customers, it's nice gas is so cheap. The weather was bad tonight but actually it was good it just looked bad. I'm trying not to bitch about the fact that the whole world blows ass, when a voice in my head says's "chill, turn up the tunes it's not just about the money." Then I pull up to filthy M.cnasties on WHite, except I can't park right in front, and I want to cause I see the guitar player from Ten Second Epic. I make my way around the block and this time I park in front. Craig remembers me, and the bass player needed a ride. Sandy needed a ride to his pad on the east side, I talked a lot. The man was super cool. I actually remember looking at him one night, and then recognizing him on the bands website. They were super cool. That made my night. I had a good time from there on in. The money eventually came. Airport trip, an American man with a way of telling stories, it's the accent. I speak English, North America has several dialects. I like hearing diversity. Newphy and any kind. I like other languages so much and Alberta doesn't. Alberta assimilates culture. Edmonton is kind of like the Borg, but I got to drive a Rock Star and some crazy comet fell over us last night. There was also this girl who read my blog to me. I was embarassed but she also recorded herself singing ABBA, loud in the car, all her friends were singing it, loud. It was a fun trip, they wanted to be in the blog, I told them that they don't want to be in the blog cause it's dirty, but so were they. GOta love driving the Taxi.

I am a Polack too


Lori said...

Loved the dude wailin' the harmonica. You lucked out. When you are working for tips, you must go on faith. I remember some nights starting out as pure shite, and than the magic table came in, I would serve the food, witty banter and BAM, FAT tip that made up for all the other idiots. Everything always works out thanks to the tip God.

Britters said...

well...if it wernt for me waking up with that video on my camera and your carfd in my wallet that ride would be a blurrrr, but it was awesome

A Students View on Guru Digial Media said...

you were awesome, call me