Saturday, November 15, 2008

Global warming is real. I think.

THis is a corrupt and dirty world, but you gotta stick with it, it's the only place I have to live. I travel 350km a night, sometimes more. I wonder how far other taxi driver from all over the world travel. I wonder. My second last fare was a crazy group of crazy native people. I don't know if they were on drugs or not. They were out of the ordinary. One of them was psychotic and not one smelled like alcohol. You know what? They were fun. Ice rain and lots of cops not enough or too many. The same old same old super slow night. The people that I did drive were cool, some dude remembered me and by the sound of my voice. I remember lots of voices, can you use that in a court of law. I'm spending long periods of time in the car. It's kind of a wild place, a taxi cab. I wonder how long being a Taxi driver can last and if I stick with it I have to learn about other cities. Edmonton has a grid system, so it's easy. Edmonton is also really big. Edmonton. Canada! Calgary. Calgary? Is Calgary hard to figure out? Can you make $ in Calgary? I want to start a production company. In Canada. Cause soon it's going to be hot here like in Cali cause the west coast is falling into the ocean, fuck I'm done\Peace

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Mallikarjuna said...

i liked your thinkings and I want to see you in picture plese