Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the Rocks is where all the good girls go

Reading up on my old posts, I think the city has changed since I started driving the Cab. The rise and fall of an economy is far out, it transformed my world. My world is different then it was two or three years agofpr sure. I ride a wave of some serious freedom because of my elaborate, and provocative paste. My past is a way to jam myself into the lives of other. I'm the equivalent of a mmmmm social toothpick, and driving the taxi helps me act as a pipe cleaner. I've rubbed up against almost every walk of life that lives in this city. Rubbed up meaning I've shot the shit with a lot of people. Edmonton is seriously monotonous. I would like to drive somewhere more exotic, sometimes. I fucking love Edmonton though. It's my home town and because of this city I am who I am. The last time I left Canada I was 22 and I was only gone for like six months. Wisconsin. I want to drive away into the unknown, I want to be a rock star. Fame must be tough, I like making people like me, adapting to them. Sometimes you get people who kinda work like me, talk like me. It's weird lately people really enjoy the ride but I don't know what that means. I think it's the fact that I'm abrasive, I manage to embed myself into the cargoes life, its existence, I try to. Don't get me wrong people try to fight it, but I'm good at it, in the car at least. My driving might be a part of it, I hypnotize them with the ride itself. Definitely, I'm manipulative, but so is everyone. I'm just a Cabby.


medea said...

Monotony is good. I've been around the world but Edmonton is still where my heart is.
Sure as hell don't miss shoveling though.

Sweet Charity said...

You wanted to be a rock star in the great unknown hinterland of Wisconsin?
Shit man.

taxitalk said...

actually I got a huge prescription in Wisconsin, then I drove around the whole continent after dropping out of the U of Green Bay Wisconsin on Drugs, rock and fucking roll